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JYT-A turn ratio tester


 ¡ñCan visual measure value of turn ratio and joint groups
 ¡ñTest speed is fast, complete all three-phase test in 10 seconds
 ¡ñTest of the Z shape join transformer
 ¡ñCVT transformation ratio measurement
 ¡ñpermanent clock& date display function, data storage function, high and low voltage transformer protection function, protection function of transformer short  circuit and turn to turn short circuit
 ¡ñThe function of current display can judge the short circuit among circle
 ¡ñVoltage export160V£¬10V£¬two grades can test product whose rated voltage is low and no load current is strong
Figures on display 5 Five figure
Output voltage AC160V AV10V
Test range 0.9-5000 0.9-200
Accuracy <500 0.1%±2 Character    
500-2000 0.2%±2 Character ≤200 0.1%±2 Character   
>2000 0.3%±2Character    
 Minimum resolution 0.0001
Power supply in operation  AC220V±10%,50Hz±1Hz
Test storied data   50 Groups
Temperature in operation -20~40¡æ
Relative humidity ≤80%RH,  No forming dew
Volume Length 395mm Width 240mm Height 250mm
 Net weight 6 kg